In the past some participants have requested stays that are longer or shorter than 4 weeks. We try to prorate the fees based on how long you stay, i.e. a 3 week stay will be cheaper than a 4 week stay. However, our physicians, Spanish instructors and other staff are contracted by the month, so we would be paying them the same amount whether a student stays 4 days or 4 weeks. Only the living expenses are variable.

For weekly guidance please see attached document:

For guidance on weekly prices please contact:

Dr. Jorge Duchicela
Ing. Carlos Duchicela
Prof. Pablo Martínez

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Cachamsi is a strictly not-for-profit organization, and we are designated a non-profit entity under U.S. law. 

We dedicate a portion of fees to various health and education related programs for the community of Cacha. More information is described here. 

All packages include: 

  • Pre and post language proficiency evaluations. 
  • Daily clinical exposure with experienced physicians. 
  • Daily specialized language instruction 
  • Textbook and instructional materials. 
  • Evaluation signed by Jorge Duchicela, M.D. upon completion of the program. 
  • Round trip private transportation on a daily basis from Riobamba to Cacha.
  • Round-trip transportation from Quito/Guayaquil to Riobamba. 

Family Stay

By living with a local family the participant  will have cultural immersion experience. 

Housing: Family stay, Riobamba
Meals: Three meals per day, seven days a week
FEE (4 weeks):  $2195

PuCara Tambo cultural center

The participant´s family is the caring Cacha team of this community run center.

Housing: Pukara Tambo
Meals: Three meals per day on weekdays only.
Laundry: Included once per week

 FEE (4 weeks):  $1995

puCARA TAMBo lodge

Independent living in 2 bedroom/1 bathroom/kitchen/ lodge within the safety of Pucara Tambo

Housing: Pucaratambo Lodge
Meals:     Daily breakfast included. Other meals on your own (meal plans available).

FEE (4 weeks):  $1745 shared - two roommates


Furnished indpendent living 3 bedrooms, 1 with private bathroom

FEE (4 weeks): $1780

Furnished indpendent living 3 bedroom,  2 Share bathroom

FEE (4 weeks): $1752

Casa L.F. Duchicela

Spacious country house located in Machangara, Cacha´s parish capital

Housing: Casa L.F. Duchicela, Cacha
Meals: Three meals per day on weekdays only.
Laundry: $2.00/dozen

FEE (4 weeks):  $2702

Rincon Aleman (Plan A)

Housing: Rincon Aleman, Riobamba - Private bedroom and bathroom
Meals: Daily breakfast only
Laundry: $0.20/piece

FEE (4 weeks):  $2626


Rincon Aleman (Plan B)

Housing: Rincon Aleman, Riobamba - Shared bedroom and bathroom
Meals: Daily breakfast only
Laundry: $0.20/piece

FEE (4 weeks):  $2341