We are a non-profit international Medical Spanish immersion program located in the Andean highlands of Ecuador. 

We cater to medical students, resident doctors, and other practitioners (for example, independent physicians, nurses, health care workers and providers). Cachamsi is one of the few international medicine rotations that offers structured Medical Spanish classes as well as volunteer opportunities among a unique indigenous population. Participants will gain an appreciation of cross-cultural medicine, and enjoy a vibrant and stimulating experience in Ecuador. 

Boston University medical students improve their Spanish and learn about global health through Cachamsi.

What makes our program different?


We are a nonprofit organization, meaning that all proceeds obtained through fees are reinvested within the organization for social programs, medical equipment, curriculum improvements, and salaries for the educators and employees. Directors of Cachamsi are not salaried, rather they work on a volunteer basis. 

Our close relationship with Cacha affords participants the opportunity to have ready access to schools, daycares, and health clinics for various health and community projects of their choosing over the course of two decades. The people of Cacha are usually very welcoming, and are eager to have visitors in their community. However, we believe that the relationship between Cachamsi and the communities of Cacha should always be one of mutual benefit. For that reason, a portion of program fees are always used for community projects that promote health and education.


  • Medical Students
  • Senior level Pre-Med Students
  • Medical Residents MD/DO
  • Nursing, MPH, PA students
  • Practicing Physicians